The Easiest Person To Hypnotize

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson explains who the easiest person to hypnotize is.


That’s this week’s lesson in summary: an eager person.

Someone who’s eager will likely:

  • Verbally/Physically approach you
  • Request a personal demonstration
  • Ask for specific phenomena/what you can do

After about 15 minutes of strolling around a High School After Prom in Minnesota last weekend, I walked up to a group of four teenagers.

One of the young men sitting down looked up at me and greeted me with a big smile. He said he remembered me and was pumped to get hypnotized before asking if I’d hypnotize him then-and-there.

After a quick back-and-forth, I agreed to hypnotize him under the condition he lead me to the henna tattoo artist who gave him his fox tattoo.

He enthusiastically led me into another room where a group of students waited in line. Personally, I didn’t want to disrupt the flow of thing but he was so excited, he asked the next girl in line if I could go before her so he could then get hypnotized (she gave up her spot without hesitation).

I’m telling you this side story because while he was already eager to be hypnotized, I wanted to create further rapport with him. After spotting his henna tattoo, I knew requesting to “join his group” by getting a similar tattoo would serve as a way of connecting with him.

As the tattoo artist did her thing, he stood aside in verbal anticipation. In turn, other students in the room quickly became aware of who I was, why I was there & wanted to see the hypnosis I was about to demonstrate.


By the time the tattoo was finished and we had our mini performance area set up in another room, the young man was fully mentally, physically and emotionally prepared.

Needless to say, he followed instructions flawlessly and was instantaneously hypnotized.

A few psychological perks of hypnotizing the eager:

  1. They’re prepared to listen to/follow your instructions
  2. They’ll more effortlessly drop into & experience hypnosis
  3. They often respond to commands more naturally
  4. Progressing your commands is quicker with them due to lowered inhibitions
  5. The more often you hypnotize them, the easier it will be for them to experience it
  6. They generally reach somnambulism rapidly if they haven’t previously
  7. They may become one of the first stars of your stage show (if you’re hosting one)

As per this week’s video demonstration, after hypnotizing this young man once, he mind was an open book.

Keep in mind that hypnosis has only become more popular (at least within the American culture that I’ve noticed) in the past few years.

With more awareness arising, more weary/ill-informed people will come about. As a result of Hollywood blockbusters and hypnotists with bad intentions making the news, not everyone will be fond of hypnosis.

It’s not uncommon for men to become egotistical while women become scared when approached by a hypnotist. That’s why, when possible, I’ll always connect with & hypnotize the most eager person from any group.

Just as word-of-mouth is still the most popular form of advertisement, watching their friend/ peer/ family member/ colleague/ etc. experience hypnosis without any issues/side-effects is the best affirmation for people.

When the individual you just hypnotized says they feel better than before, in full control of themselves and are happier/less stressed, it creates intrigue in others & trust within you as the hypnotist.

I would hope this goes without saying to avoid abusing your power. With the amount of people already afraid of hypnosis due to their misunderstanding, the last thing you/I/other hypnotists need is another reason to reassure people it’s natural, safe & beneficial.

This week’s video demonstrates the perks of hypnotizing eager people…


Once you’re start hypnotizing people (preferably after a thorough home-based training or personal mentor), eager beavers will be your easiest volunteers.

Whether requiring some practice to fine-tune your skills or needing someone to help you generate a crowd of intrigued individuals, a willing/eager individual will help you accomplish both.

As my students often inform me, family/friends can be difficult to hypnotize as they knew you before you stared studying/ practicing hypnosis. This is why I often mention “social gatherings” in these informational blogs.

Social gatherings allow you to meet new people (potential friends) who will view you as “The Hypnotist” if that’s how you present yourself/something you wish to mention you’re studying. Depending on how open people are at said social gathering, you may have just found a practice buddy.

What’s been your experience (if any) with hypnotizing? What type of people have you found easiest/hardest to hypnotize? What questions about this lesson/ suggestions to other students might you have? Would love to know in the comments below!

Whether yearning to learn basic hypnosis for free, how to hypnotize anyone at anytime for fun or wanting to hypnotize people professionally, simply click the highlighted words & kick-start your journey 🙂

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  1. I completely agree. I always love having eager people come up to me almost every time they are a great subject!

    1. Couldn’t agree more Matt! One of the students who asked to be hypnotized during the pre-show demos seen in this blog’s video was just as easily hypnotized for the show later on. Great minds & memorable times (thanks for your 2 cents) 🙂

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