The Hypnosis Lesson That Failed

This week I explain how my failed mission led to this unintentional lesson, great promo footage & free publicity.


Let me preface this lesson with two words: Four Years.

It has been at least four years since I’ve begun going to county fairs and filming street hypnosis footage for my YouTube channel.

For four years I’ve gone to summer fairs and had someone follow me with a camera (normally a smarphone with decent pixels) to shoot some impromptu street hypnosis.

In those four (plus) years, I’ve had a great number of rejections from groups I’ve walked up to. Whether it was a couple or a group, the people size may vary but I’ve always inevitably gotten at least one rejection.

I preface this lesson with that because this isn’t even the lesson I wanted to give you (truth story).

In HypnoKick’s Street Hypnosis Training, I literally look to the camera and explain my psychological approach to the idea of rejection as a hypnotist.

The words you are currently reading were supposed to be about the reality that I face as a professional hypnotist: Rejection.

Yet, you’re reading this blog because, to my complete and utter surprise, I have failed you. I literally failed to get rejected. I told my new official cameraman my mission was failing. He smiled and replied, “Literally everyone has said yes!”

To be frank, even though I’m Jon, I actually became somewhat discouraged I wasn’t getting rejected. Then I laughed when my cameraman said, “If only every woman we asked out said yes!”


HypnoKick’s purpose is to help you better understand the psychology & truth behind what hypnosis is and how/why it works.

With that said, I’ll now cover the conversation I had with my cameraman about why our failed mission to get rejected resulted in great future YouTube & promo material.

Reason 1) More often than not, when I had friends record me, I had them use whatever smartphone I had at the time. While I forget his exact name, there is a director who semi-recently admitted to using smartphones to film his movies due to their phenomenal ability to record high quality footage. Still, with everyone and their mother using a smartphone in this day and age, seeing someone follow me with a phone doesn’t exude professionalism to the person/people you’re approaching for a professional impromptu video project. Having a legitimate camera screwed onto one of those famous hand-held vlogger-style stick grips with a protruding mic on top served as visual reassurance that our presence had a professional meaning. 

Reason 2) As a growing hypnotist, you already understand the way you speak can have a powerful impact on someone/people. With this in mind, we realized my randomly approaching people wasn’t as awkward as normal with my general opening line being something like, “Hey, I’m providing some additional entertainment at the fair this evening! Who wants to be hypnotized right now for YouTube?” While the opener got to the point regarding something pretty much everyone has used (i.e. YouTube), people often became excited over the idea of being featured on a platform they often use. Furthermore, my obvious gesturing to the physical camera when I would say ‘YouTube’ would redirect people’s eyes to the professional looking camera I always had recording me.

Reason 3) The first two reasons are ultimately tied together through this final reason, which is the fair itself. Just as the first section of this lesson was titled “Location”, the location of your filming makes a dramatic difference. Friends, families and couples attend the fair to have fun. It’s their once-a-year local escape from reality. They can simply ride rides, eat deliciously unhealthy foods & gulp down fantastic tasting drinks. They’re there to be entertained. This is the exact reason it was so easy to hypnotize people in Vegas when I was 19 taking a 3 day live training. The people I was approaching on the strip were in Vegas to escape, let loose and have fun. Thus, naturally, those who visit Vegas, fairs or the like are much more likely to be open to your entertainment. 

Needless to say, doing everything described above is a simultaneously great way to earn yourself extra free publicity. I actually gained multiple new subscribers by the end of that evening. Ah yes, the good old “elbow grease” method. Except in stead of elbow grease, you’re getting your cardio in by creeping on random/innocent guests at the venue you’re attempting to film at.

So, to avoid being the creepy hypno-stalker, come up with a straightforward opener (feel free to steal mine) & be sure to have at least a semi-professional-looking camera  & cameraman/camerawoman at your side 🙂

Interesting side note: Because I feel weird hypnotizing kids/young teenagers without their parents permission, if I’m asked to hypnotize them, I’ll often perform a magic or mentalism effect & frame it as hypnosis. Since many still misunderstand hypnosis, this is usually pretty convincing to them. What’s that? You say it’s all a lie? Well, I grew up as a magician (aka a professional liar 😉 )

This week’s video demonstrates how the 3 reasons above come together when you’re not considering details…


If you want great hypnosis footage, google how far away Vegas is (or simply attend your local fair).

If you want to get rejected…well, let’s be honest, you don’t. That’s never fun. I’m not even sure if I’ll do a lesson on the psychology of rejection at this point. I just unintentionally taught you how to avoid it by trying to experience it. I’ll be spending the next week debating what kind of teacher this makes me.

If you’re new here, hello! This is what we at HypnoKick consider a parody lesson consisting of actual value. Yes, that was a bit contradictory. We apparently bask in our contradictions now. If you’re confused, no worries, I’m assuming I’ll create you a more reasonable lesson next week. Until then, learn about the history & truth of hypnosis via our free eBook HERE!

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