The Power of Pseudo Hypnosis

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson explains the benefits of pseudo hypnosis.





The brilliance behind pseudo hypnosis is that, by nature, it’s not real hypnosis.

Based on the 1000’s of people I’ve talked with throughout the years, it appears to be common knowledge that for comedy stage or street hypnosis to be effective:

  1. The volunteer has to want the demonstration to work
  2. The volunteer must focus on what the hypnotist says to properly experience hypnosis

Despite so many people being aware of the above information, many still misinterpret how hypnosis actually works. Because of this, certain pseudo demonstrations can look hypnotic and magic without you needing to know slight of hand or psychology.

This provides you with an advantage in two immediate scenarios I can imagine:

  1. You encounter a heckler that you’d like to regain your social authority back with
  2. You’d like to spice up a performance that doesn’t seem to be progressing well

In any case, because of the average person’s lack of knowledge regarding each step of hypnosis and their intricacies, you have the ability to perform demonstrations that seem impossible.

So, whether you’re looking to learn hypnosis as a party trick to entertain people or are trying to hold your ground against a heckler, pseudo hypnosis will help you accomplish both.

There are a slew of possible ways to execute pseudo hypnosis to either entertain your onlookers or take back social control within a group. You could:

  1. Use a prop/gimmick & frame it to look like hypnosis (works great during stage performances)
  2. Use a volunteer’s body (perfect for impromptu demonstrations (especially with hecklers)).

For the sake of easily applicable information, I’ll be teaching you an impromptu version of pseudo hypnosis.




The following demonstration was taught to me years ago by my now friend Hypnotist Chris Jones.

I personally saw him take a heckler during his show, invite him on stage (he was a big fellow) & proceed to seemingly deplete all the gentleman/s strength in front of the entire audience.

Afterwards, the gentleman went back to his seat & remained quiet for the remainder of Chris’s show.

Chris later informed me that it was a matter of visual focus. He would have the person extend their arms out to their sides & tell them to resist his pressure as he pushed down on their arms.

The person would be able to easily resist until the second part of the demonstration, where the person was instructed to look at the performers hand (~6+ inches in front of & above their regular line of sigh).

The performer requests the person to imagine a clock where their hand is & imagine the clock going back in time from the age they are to about 5 years old (or whatever young age you wish to use). This whole process can visually look like a hypnotic induction of some sort.

After counting down in incriminates, the performer would request the person to keep their focus in that spot while trying to resist their pressure again: the person’s arms immediately give in.

The big secret was refocusing the person’s field of vision to higher than they would normally be looking. For some reason, looking above one’s regular field of horizon, puts them off balance. Additionally, because you’ve instructed they focus on that spot, their focus is then shifted from keeping tension in their arms, to not taking their eyes of that spot.


The result: This week’s video demonstration…






Whether looking for a quick and easy party trick, trying to shush a heckler or simply wanting to throw something new and intriguing into your performance, pseduo hypnosis demonstrations can accommodate all.

Plus, as previously stated, many people may have difficulty discerning between these type of demonstrations and legitimate hypnosis. Enabling you to easily pull these tricks off and look awesome doing so.

My primary request would be that you don’t only perform pseudo demonstrations and call yourself a hypnotist. Hypnotists already have enough to deal with because of Hollywood misinformation that people so willingly and unquestioningly absorb.

Whether you’re simply looking for another party trick or are an actual hypnotist looking to add something unique to your performance, leave a comment below where you think I’m performing pseudo hypnosis in this show. If you’re correct, I’ll shout you out in next week’s video & email you a special treat (only valid until 12/6/18) 🙂

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