The Unspoken Truth of the Hypnosis Community’s Ego


First and foremost, I want to make it clear that this informational blog is merely a representation of my own experiences within the hypnosis community as a Hypnotist.

While this isn’t directed at any one specific Hypnotist, I’ve kept publicly quiet for years regarding the ego of Hypnotists and how they’ve treated me/others, as insinuated in last week’s lesson.

I’ve wanted to write this for years, however…

  1. I was afraid. While I’m uncertain when exactly it occurred, there came a point in recent past when I decided I wasn’t going to allow the fear of fan girls/boys bombarding me keep me from sharing what I know to be true based on personal experience (or the experience of those I’m connected with).
  2. I wanted to get personal insight from others. Be they other Hypnotists or professionals in other fields who can still relate based on their interest in hypnosis that led to them meeting a Hypnotist that may be covered in this blog

At the end of the day, most don’t realize how egotistical a Hypnotist may present themselves to the general public (let alone hypnosis community).

Needless to say, like high school gossip, the hypnosis community will talk among themselves. Like self entitled rich kids in high school, certain hypnotists will use an opportunity to talk down about another Hypnotist to make themselves feel better/build their business.

Until I got to this point in my career a few years ago, I actually had faith I found a community that not only fully accepted me as a growing Hypnotist but supported me. This was of course, while I was part of a social media group known as “HTG (Hypnosis Training Group)”.

In the beginning, it was a select number of us who paid to meet in Vegas and get trained in street (and some stage) hypnosis. It was a supportive community of growing Hypnotists. Then it began growing.

As it grew year by year, a more established Hypnotist than ourselves would join the group. Then another. At first, I thought this was awesome. Real Professional Hypnotists joining our journey as growing Hypnotists.

However, it wasn’t long before the group began being filled with conversations between Hypnotists that appeared as if they had beef with each other. After connecting with a few more well-known Hypnotists, it appeared to me the bigger figures in the community talked/acted from ego.


Earlier this year I spoke of controlling your high (aka ego). I’ve spent 2019 evaluating when I seem to be most naturally tapping into ego and why.

It seems when I feel I’m being improperly portrayed by someone, I immediately feel the need to respond in a manner that makes me sound better or appear more impressive. That, friend, is ego.

Why do you or I need to respond in any manner to prove ourselves to anyone? We don’t. It’s that simple. Still, I’ve heard and seen those in the community who will.

Understanding I can just as naturally back down from trying to prove anything and let anyone assume whatever they wish, enables me to conserve energy I could better invest in being the best person I can be for those who seek to truly get to know me (let alone train with me).

It’s my belief that this is a much healthier approach to proving yourself as a person (let alone Professional Hypnotist). There’s no real need to defend yourself unless someone’s purposely trying to break your image down based on false facts.

That said, here are some of my experiences/other’s stories (each containing their own visual aids within this week’s video demonstration below):

  1. Years ago I was reached out to by a client on a budget. In attempts to help this client obtain what she desired (a Hypnotist for a High School Prom), I touched base with my social media HTG group. After posting about the clients situation, Richard Barker posted a very short reply, implying that they client wasn’t worth helping. Strictly because of her budget alone, he discounted her as a potential client. I was then also replied to by Randy Buker. In short, his main point was, “They don’t have what it takes to be in this business.” Referring to any Hypnotist willing to help such a client, believing they’re just that desperate for money (not the idea that they actually want to help a client’s vision come to fruition). While I can understand both their points here, I look at it differently. You get what you pay for. If the school hires a Hypnotist for that type of event at with that budget, they may not get the best quality entertainer, however (in my mind) at least they provided their students something unique before graduation. In summary, this proves the greed and unwillingness of some of the “Big Wigs” to help those not as financially wealthy as others. This was one of my first encounters with Richard Barker. Randy Buker, on the other hand, eventually private messaged me to say, in short, that if anyone ever asked for him to perform for less than $1000, he’d know who to blame for not being offered his usual $1000+. Insinuating a Hypnotist like myself is what’s hurting the community of professionals. In my mind, that’s bullshit. Those with money/who know how to raise money, will likely continue paying high prices for quality entertainers, just as those often on low budgets/hiring cheap entertainment will continue doing so. Personally, I accommodated low-income clients for years. While I charge a lot more now, I’ll still help lower income clients if possible.
  2. Richard Barker was kind enough to put me on blast earlier this year when a show of mine went south. As explained in last week’s lesson, I ended up taking all the blame despite not every aspect actually being of my own fault. Regardless, the news likes drama and Richard was more than happy to call me out to another social media hypnosis group I’m not a part of. A colleague of mine actually sent me the screen shots included in this week’s video demonstration, showcasing how Barker had little issue publicizing my name (as if it wasn’t already included in the article) before using it to boost his own business initiative. Not surprisingly, however, I’ve not really seen him call himself out for his own mistakes This is precisely why I’ve called myself out at the end of each year for my biggest professional mistakes during each year. I believe this will help me keep myself in check while proving to any future students that it’s important to accept responsibility for your mistakes to both avoid them in the future while simultaneously helping others. Remember that hypnosis community I spoke of earlier that made me feel supported? Richard making those posts was a direct example of the opposite feeling. My colleague reached out to me to ensure I was alright mentally/emotionally following the incident. Interestingly, other Hypnotists reached out to me via texts/ calls & private social media messages. That’s real support. It may not have been public but they certainly didn’t use my experience to promote themselves (which I consider an ego move). Then again, Barker’s known for appearing on many news channels and TV in general despite not being very original. In fact, he was called out by a Vegas Hypnotist for using word-for-word scripted routines on TV that weren’t even his. I don’t recall him making any public rebuttal to that or being called out on YouTube for using fake reviews for a book he wrote.
  3. The YouTube video I’m referencing is Emerg Mcvay’s own “FUCK JUSTIN TRANZ!!!!” in which he calls Hypnotist Justin Tranz out for bullying people. Personally, I’ve had limited interaction with Tranz. We did speak years ago via Facebook in which, after approaching him about what appeared to be beef on our Facebook group page, he proceeded to inform me many of the successful-looking hypnotists were putting up a facade & that he himself was tired of being attacked for his success. This seemed ironic to me, an apparently self-proclaimed successful Hypnotist saying those who make themselves appear successful really aren’t. When trying to dive deeper into the meaning of success, I was informed we were talking about two different things. Without any further insight into what exactly he was talking about (or how the Facebook group chat even came to be), I was left with a simple “I love your innocence” and “all is well…”. I’m not sure about you but this conversation seemed unfulfilling in terms of figuring out what was actually going on. I personally approach him over social media and don’t even leave with a hint of detail, which I’m clearly trying to understand in our interaction. Aside from this encounter, Tranz has been known to publicly post about his cool travels and amazing experiences. At times, making it appear that if you take his training (versus others) you’ll adopt a similar lifestyle. This suddenly feels like one of those internet marketing ADs, doesn’t it? What’s interesting is, after speaking with a colleague who was trained by Justin Tranz personally, I was informed that’s his internet presence. According to just about everyone I’ve spoken with, Tranz comes off egotistical online but in person is an incredibly chill and nice person. Additionally, I’ve heard for being someone who has headlined in Vegas, he has accommodated lower-budget clients. Just an interesting, and I think humbling, note to end on considering the blog thus far.
  4. I’ve only truly ever spoken with Hypnotist Jonathan Chase once over a video call. Initially he came off as calm, understanding and helpful. Upon stating my appreciation for his not coming directly from an egotistical angle, he looked away for a moment and said something along the lines of he’d be happy to tap into his ego and continue the conversation from there. Personally, I’ve been observing my own ego, when I tend to tap into it, why and reading this in others. I’m happy to say I’ve been working on it and while I’m much better than I was, I’m still working on it. I mention this because the more I realized I spoke and acted out of ego, the more I was disappointed in/less attracted to the person I was maturing into. Many of us grow up and become stuck in our ways, thought patterns, beliefs, etc. I have seen many live unhappily in these ways that I feel, if they had the opportunity to do so, they would change. I’ve begun rewiring the way I respond, react and generally handle different situations. In my opinion, reacting out of ego isn’t very attractive. For me, it’s a bit of a turn off. Jonathan Chase seems he might be set in his beliefs/viewpoints. While this is fine, I don’t personally agree with everything we discussed. For example, I told him months back my reason for wanting to write this specific blog. His response was that no one would care (that’s the nice version of what he said). I replied with if people care enough to watch me grow as a Hypnotist and help guide them, a small percentage of those people will likely care. Ultimately, those (and those not in the field but curious about those who are), are the people this blog is for. For those wondering, I requested he not tap into his ego. However, as the video call continued, it sounded to me like more of his side of the conversation came from ego. Ultimately it wasn’t a necessarily bad interaction, though I’m not sure if we’ll chat again anytime soon. Partially because his (admittedly transparent, which I appreciated) end goal was to get me to join his training if I wished to continue getting his insight on hypnosis. At one point in the conversation, he mentioned he was around before all the many Hypnotists you now see all over social media. Eventually insinuating nothing’s really original anymore but I could still learn much from him considering his years/experience in the field. Maybe someday.
  5. Speaking of being pitched, Jonathan Royle loves him some email spam. By this, I mean he enjoys mass emailing those on his list to buy pretty much anything and everything he comes out with. I was only on his email list for a short time. As someone who established and runs HypnoKick, which is a teaching company, I understand emailing people to make money. Admittedly, during certain holidays or special email-subscriber-only periods, I’ll email my list about 3 times a day. Royle is like a spam bot on steroids. While it may not always be multiple times in a day, it’s a lot in general. So much so that it’s the main reason I unsubscribed from his list. That’s sales, however, not ego. The ego comes in when I asked him a while back for help in promoting a HypnoKick training I had recently developed at the time. While I was unable to find our past conversation for reference in this week’s video, I can tell you that’s when the ego surfaced. I was shot down, told he had the world’s most comprehensive home-based hypnosis training before being pitched to buy/join said training (yes, seriously). Up-to-date, I’ve not met a Hypnotist who has taken Royle’s training or called it the “most comprehensive” training themselves). Again, maybe someday.

This week’s video demonstration provides visual references as well as phone interviews regarding some of the insight offered above…


There’s often more going on behind the scenes of anything than you’re aware of. So much so, again, I was hesitant to even post this for the longest time but refuse to continue to be held back by the fear of being bullied further for exposing the truth.

I created HypnoKick to help people interested in hypnosis learn it & provide a supportive space for them to grow, much like I used to feel I had.

Admittedly, HypnoKick will unlikely accommodate every aspiring student’s aspirations and in those cases, I’m happy referring them to the next best resource (where I believe others would do what they could to get similar students to stick around and pay them as much as possible).

One of my original students recently admitted to wanting to begin training in the near future and I happily recommended several other Hypnotists I found to be genuine, helpful, have the student’s best interest in mind and provide them something unique to them.

In the end, I only want others (especially aspiring Hypnotists) to understand what they’re walking into if considering joining the hypnosis community.

This is also why, despite receiving multiple compliments from lay people or amateur Hypnotists over the years that I’m “better” than someone named in this blog (let alone any Hypnotist), I won’t internalize others’ opinions.

While I enjoy receiving compliments on my work, I now realize any comparison-based compliments only serve my ego. Ego feeds off of anything that makes it feel important/ validated. That’s why many people (let alone artists like Hypnotists) do what they do…for validation/ acceptance (aka feed their ego).

Even if a Hypnotist won’t admit this, it’s one of the subconscious reasons we’ve done what we’ve done. That’s why certain Hypnotists post their success stories/rave reviews on social media like Bragbook, Instabrag, Twittebrag, etc (it feeds their ego).

All this to say, I’d prefer to concern myself with ensuring I treat non Hypnotists, aspiring Hypnotists and other Professional Hypnotists better than I myself (and others) have been treated, more so than internalize any comparison-based opinions.

Hope this helped shed some light on things, especially for any aspiring Hypnotist. Keep your head up, do your research & have a Happy New Year 🙂

Lastly, if you’re new to hypnosis and/or HypnoKick, welcome & feel free to download your free informational hypnosis eBook here 🙂

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