Top 5 Easiest People To Hypnotize

Section 1: Conditions

While this week’s free hypnosis lesson aims to help you understand who’s easiest to hypnotize and why, please understand there are naturally bound to be caveats when making these claims.

My choosing who’s most easily hypnotized came from nearly a decade of touring the United States coast-to-coast combined with stories from my colleagues. Your experience with these types of individuals, however, may differ greatly.

There’s so many factors to consider that could easily turn someone off from wanting to be hypnotized that I can’t guarantee your approach or experience will equal mind. Some factors may include:

  1. They’re having a bad day
  2. They’re mentally preoccupied
  3. They dislike your personal approach
  4. They feel uncomfortable
  5. Etc…

If you’re an aspiring / growing Hypnotist, use this lesson as a blueprint to help yourself spot potential volunteers. However, avoid assuming just because you find someone that fits into one of the 5 categories listed in this lesson that everyone you meet of that type will be open to experiencing hypnosis.

If (on the other hand) you’re reading this lesson out of interest or skepticism, I hope you gain a better understanding as to why these individuals were included.

Having explained the above, let’s jump into it…

Section 2: The Top 5

Type #1 (Artists): Dancers, Drawers, Painters, DJs, Photographers, Videographers, Magicians, Comedians, Singers, Tattoo Artists… I’ve hypnotized them all.

Let me rephrase that: I’ve hypnotized a plethora of individuals who work within those mediums.

By nature, an artist has a natural passion for and gains energy from practicing within their preferred medium. Each artist prefers a certain medium and gains the most from specific aspects of said medium.

For example: I grew up doing magic and mentalism before flying to Vegas for my hypnosis training. Ever since, I found a deep love and appreciation for hypnosis (plus it pays the most bills). That said, I gain the most energy and happiness from comedy hypnosis versus hypnotherapy.

When you encounter an artist who’s on their path and working within their preferred medium, they have a certain energy about them. They’re happy because they often “flow” with the inspiration that comes to them in any number of ways. They’re open, willing and accepting.

With artists naturally tapping into their creative minds to manifest their vision, they’re often some of the best volunteers for comedy hypnosis. Even if they’ve never let a Hypnotist hypnotize them before, they’re often more impressed by the end of their experience than anything else.

I’ve always enjoyed watching artists of any medium, especially the shy/socially awkward, come out of their shells when hypnotized. I remember hypnotizing a friend when I first started practicing. She was a multi-medium artist. Turns out she was also a natural somnambulist. Just about any command I gave her became her reality at that moment.

If you’re a newly practicing Hypnotist, my professional advice is to always remember to fully remove your commands & triggers before ending the session. I apparently failed to do so with my friend because years later she told me she went on a date and the man jokingly tapped her forehead. He was immediately shocked when she dropped like a brick because that was the induction I used to use on her.

Needless to say…

  1. I removed that trigger when she called me about it later on
  2. While I never met the man, he was intimidated by my being a Hypnotist and emotionally pushed her to end our friendship (which she later re-established after leaving him)

Despite all this talk about comedy hypnosis, if you’re a practicing Hypnotherapist, my educated guess is artists would be willing to try Hypnotherapy for its all-natural psychological and emotional benefits.

Type #2 (Thespians): Yes, I’m aware, acting is a form of art. I chose to separate them from “Artists” because of my experience with them. As a former Thespian, it’s interesting that (in retrospect) it was in some cases easier for me to convince aspiring actors to let me hypnotize them than the Artists mentioned above.

My theory is that because it’s a Thespian’s job to study, understand and encapsulate the character they’re portraying, their livelihood depends on their ability to creatively adapt to different characters and environments.

As a result, they spend countless hours living inside their creative minds and are used to tapping into a new part of themselves. Don’t misinterpret this to mean every actor would be willing to get hypnotized without hesitation.

I’ve met plenty of aspiring (and some professional) actors & actresses that were iffy on the idea of getting hypnotized. Normally, once they saw one of their own get hypnotized or tried a basic relaxation demonstration themselves, they were comfortable with hypnosis.

Because I hired a mentor and learned hypnosis while attending university, I began hypnotizing my fellow Thespians on campus and at cast parties for fun/practice. After seeing me perform for weeks (if not months), some would gather the courage to request their own experience. They usually came out of trance smiling and impressed with how much more relaxed and clear-headed they felt afterwards.

While he never made the final cut, I’m still proud of my fellow Thespian Ryan (who I hypnotized before leaving University) who was hired as an extra for Batman The Dark Knight.

In summary, while

Type #3 (Students): High School students want to party. University students want to party. Younger generations enjoy letting loose from the constant stress and pressure of parents, teachers, school, work and society.

This makes them prime candidates for comedy hypnosis. What better way to kick back and let go of your stress/ anxiety/ inhibitions than to take part in some psychological comedy?

College Welcome Week and High School Prom Night are my 2 favorite seasons. I get to hang out with young, naturally creative minds that are still learning about the world but don’t want to take it too seriously yet.

They want to have fun, express themselves and partake in new/ abstract / unique activities. Comedy stage hypnosis is the perfect opportunity for them to accomplish that. Knowing their school hired a Hypnotist for their entertainment and that whatever happens happens in the name of fun. This subconscious factor (mixed with the process of being hypnotized), causes them to lower their inhibitions and do things I’ve often heard their peers say they’d “never do”.

What’s interesting is the mix of individuals that typically volunteer. It’s not uncommon to have some party-goers mixed in with some shy/ timid individuals. I always enjoy the audience’s reactions to a shy student jumping out of their shell and upstaging the party-goers.

I also enjoy highlighting the shy student’s performance should they steal the limelight. Encouraging them throughout the show and helping them to create a connection with the audience that later boosts their status among their peers.

Type #4 (Onlookers): As covered in a past HypnoKick lesson, onlookers are naturally conditioned for hypnosis after watching others experience it. The closer they are to the person they see getting hypnotized, the more conditioned they become to experiencing it themselves.

The closer you are to someone, the more likely you are to trust, love and support their thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Because of this, you’re more likely to believe something as controversial as hypnosis if you personally witness someone you’re close to experience it.

By nature, when you see someone you’re close to and trust come out of an experience looking/feeling either similar or better than they did before said experience, you’re more inclined to trust the experience is worth trying yourself.

If anyone approaches you out of interest in getting hypnotized after watching someone they knew get hypnotized, you’re job just got easier. Reasons being:

  1. They have already seen the process and know what to expect
  2. Knowing what to expect encourages them to lower their defenses and trust you
  3. This creates a level of rapport in which they’ll be more likely to openly accept your guidance and commands

The more positive experiences you can safely provide to a group of people, the more likely you’ll encounter their peers expressing interest in having you hypnotize them as well.

Keep in mind: Just because they’ve been psychologically conditioned by watching & listening to your recent demonstrations, doesn’t mean they will automatically react to everything you say or command.

Type #5 (Armed Forces): True story, my first ever roommate was a big guy from the armed forces. After meeting him, he asked me how I would pay rent. I said it would be easier if I showed him and hypnotized him right where he stood. What I never told him until years later was that while relaxing him, I subtly encouraged him to lower my rent (and it worked)!

Like most of us, the armed forces are tired/ stressed from General life. Unlike most of us, they endure rigorous hours of psychological and physiological training. The more they endure, the more conditioned they become to naturally react to real-life scenarios whether it’s a personal fight or a war for their country.

All this conditioning causes lots of stress. Now imagine having to serve for their country. The long hours, sleepless nights, negotiations, witnessing the brutal injuries or death of their fellow men/women. This causes them a ton of stress/ anxiety/ PTSD and more that most people reading this can’t relate to.

It’s for those reasons, among others, that the armed forces need a release. Whether it’s personalized therapy, comedy shows, partying, etc.

I’ve met some individuals who won’t let their guard down for practically anything because of how conditioned/ paranoid they’ve become. Likewise, I ended up living and becoming friends with someone who loved the magic and hypnosis I did and dropped like a brick when I hypnotized him.

As was often the case when I hypnotized someone who hadn’t let a Hypnotist work on them before, he came out of the experience thinking it was weird but feeling better than he had beforehand.

Additionally, a colleague of mine said the one time he hypnotized someone from the armed forces, they dropped immediately. They’re under more pressure than the average person and likely use hypnosis as an outlet to disperse all their pent up stress, tension and emotion.

HypnoKick teaches hypnosis, not martial arts. Please therefore respect any armed force member who doesn’t wish to try hypnosis as they may Jackie Chan your ass if you try anyway. That’s on you. Hooah!

Lastly, if you’re curious to learn the “lower my rent” trick, it’ll be taught in a future hypnosis training within the Members Area via the Training tab.

Section 3: Conclusion

Everyone’s psychology, outlook on life, perspective, perception and therefore reality is different. With so many factors to account for, HypnoKick can’t tell you who’s best to hypnotize and when with 100% accuracy.

As stated in our past two lessons & hypnosis trainings, communication is key. Ask what they know about hypnosis, correct any misinformation, build rapport, become their trusted authority and so on. These are just a few key elements that will help them to trust you as “The Hypnotist”.

As always, if you’d like to learn basic hypnosis (free Ebook), how to read and hypnotize anyone (Members Area) or find a dedicated mentor, HypnoKick can help 🙂

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