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Hey, this is Jon Wayes, founder of HypnoKick, officially welcoming you to my blog!

First and foremost, I never wanted to be a hypnotist, I wanted to be a magician. After receiving my first magic kit at around 8 during Christmas, I thought becoming the world’s best magician was “The American Dream”.

My first attempt at hypnosis

Fast forward 11 years and my mother invested in a training called “Mind Eraser” by Joe Brogie as my Christmas gift. I thought there was some sort of “trick” to erasing one’s memory and to my surprise, I was learning Waking Hypnosis. I visited an old friend who allowed me to practice my new skill. What surprised both of us, was that I got him to forget the card he was holding simply by talking to him.

It was after this experience that I saw the potential hypnosis had. In oncoming months, I began researching whatever material I could find regarding hypnosis. Quickly growing in knowledge and using friends as guinea pigs, I took my new-found skill to my university and hypnotized theater students in the lounge. It didn’t take long for me to catch the attention of the university newspaper who took the following picture to represent me as their new resident hypnotist.

Hypnotizing students for newspaper

Only a few short months later a gentleman by the name of Jay Noblezada (Consultant to TV Magician David Blaine) reached out to me. As a trick creator, he was the one who helped bring Joe’s creation to the magic market. After viewing the video of me successfully using Mind Eraser, Jay liked my potential & invited me to Vegas to learn professional hypnosis.

Mind you, I was 19 and attending university at this time and this was a major decision for me. So, like any level-headed teenager with a little extra government-issued college money, I booked my: bus ride to Chicago, plane ticket to Vegas and 3-day seminar seat.

I met Jay Noblezada himself (creator of Self-Tying Shoelace performed on TV by David Blaine) who took me on a mini tour of Vegas, where he shot his own promos, where we’d be training, etc.

Jay & I in Vegas

It wasn’t long before I met the rest of the gang, Joe Brogie (Mind Eraser creator himself), Alex Hendrick (Italian YouTube Hypnotist) and my first mentor Anthony Jacquin of the U.K. Head Hackers. After 3 in-depth days of hands-on training, I returned home where I began hypnotizing family and friends alike.

Shortly after, I landed my first Grad Party show, despite only being able to hypnotize one person (I felt pathetic). Weeks later I managed to book my first festival (Oz Fest) in Pierceton, Indiana. This show turned out great and I was asked to become the annual hypnotist for the next few years. I felt I finally found my path.

Jay, noticing my progress, invites me to a second seminar in San Diego during my 20th birthday. I had the privilege of teaching new aspiring hypnotists both younger and older than myself. This provided both an ego boost as well as a vision for the potential life style hypnosis had to offer me. About 15 months later, I left university and began on my journey as one of the youngest and most ambitious hypnotists in the United States.

Needless to say, without previous business or marketing knowledge, it took me a while to get to where I wanted. Backtracking, I was fortunate enough to meet a gentleman by the name of Chris Jones before leaving university. Little did I know this experienced young hypnotist would be a major factor in helping me begin my professional career.

A number of you may recognize the name Chris Jones as the first ever hypnotist to appear on America’s Got Talent.

Hypnotizing Rodney Spencer at America’s Got Talent

Chris became internationally famous practically overnight for hypnotizing AGT judge Howie Mandel (a known germaphobe with OCD) to shake his bare hand on television. Chris has been of significant help in getting me to where I am now. After speaking with him, I chose to visit Chicago recently and film behind-the-scenes of America’s Got Talent for my YouTube channel. I was ecstatic when WCIU’s producer Rodney Spencer asked to interview me, as it lead to me hypnotizing him for his morning news show. I got a bit of a chuckle when I noticed they misspelled “Hypnotist” despite the word being embroidered onto my jacket’s left side.

Up-to-date, I’ve traveled, performed and taught hypnosis from California all the way to New York. I’ve hosted at house parties, high school after proms, college events, corporate parties and (one of my favorites) a Chicago Yacht. I won “Best Live Performance” by Indiana’s Circus of Art in 2013 & have since been the headline entertainment for various venues.

I plan to continue my hypnosis education as I find the knowledge and case studies from other practitioners intriguing. Understanding that our mind can become the primary source of our own entertainment or therapy (a.k.a Hypnotherapy) is something I find psychologically stimulating. I hope you’ll join me on my path to higher knowledge and entertainment, as I demonstrate my skill both within the U.S. and across borders!


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