Why 2020 Was a Blessing for Hypnotists

Section 1: Realty of 2020

Have you ever gotten to the end of a year and thought/said, “This year sucked/wasn’t my year, next year will be better”?

If so, 2020 was determined to prove just how blessed we’ve actually been. From international lockdowns to record unemployment and more, 2020’s been a dumpster fire (to put it lightly).

As covered in a past HypnoKick lesson, the entertainment industry took a nose dive with the rest of the economy. I knew the immediate future was darker than normal when:

  1. Hypnotist Chris Jones from America’s Got Talent informed me their tour was cancelled and they were receiving no new bookings
  2. My entertainment corporation received fewer ahead-of-time holiday inquiries than ever before

There’s an entrepreneur by the name of Gary Vaynerchuck that has stated that economic crashes like these will weed out the real entrepreneurs from the wannabe’s.

That alone made me feel blessed. Being able to wake up in my house, eat food and have a car to drive to family/friends were all luxuries I could afford in large part due to my businesses generating enough money despite the state of the economy.

After reflecting on this reality, I realized I had spent the past several months forgetting how fortunate I am and the opportunities that were still available to me.

That’s why, if you’re an aspiring or growing Hypnotist, this month’s free hypnosis training lesson is going to help you better recognize and understand your blessings.

While this may sound like some hippie stuff, I invite you to read this lesson in its entirety. My educated guess is you may not have considered all of the following from the perspective I share below.

Section 2: Blessings of 2020

Blessing 1 (Live Performances)

First and foremost, I’ll go on record saying I have performed for 2 in-person stage hypnosis shows and 1 in-person magic/mentalism show since March 2020. My best friend’s wife, who’s working towards her doctorate, confirmed something I had theorized which was…

“If you mentally focus, worry and stress over something enough, like COVID-19, your body’s immune system will begin breaking down due to the amount of stress and anxiety you’re causing yourself worrying about said thing. Ironically, your immune system is then even more vulnerable to the very thing you chose to focus on and stress so heavily over.”

Now, let me take a moment and say that I by no means am saying if we all think happy-go-lucky thoughts 24/7 that we’ll all naturally become immune to any and all contagions floating around planet Earth. However, science has already proven the physical affects stress and anxiety can have on your body.

So, what I proposed to myself was to avoid getting caught up in the mass hypnosteria mentioned in HypnoKick’s past lesson and live my life normally to the best of my ability. This meant:

  1. Be a hermit most of the time and stay home/work on projects
  2. Go out when necessary while abiding whatever guidelines the establishment I was visiting had
  3. Ask any clients who requested in-person performances what they were comfortable with me doing while on the premise of the venue
  4. Get tested if I thought I had symptoms

For the first few months of 2020’s quarantine, these were super easy guidelines to follow, especially considering I primarily stayed home. When June rolled around, I received my first in-person hypnosis request for a wedding reception in Wisconsin. I restored to guideline #3 above.

Thankfully, the client, their family/friends and myself were all on the same page with our thoughts/feelings about the state of everything and all felt healthy and safe enough to meet. At the moment of writing this, I’ve heard no news of any of them contracting anything (and I myself have been fine).

So, in the midst of the world’s craziness, I still managed to:

-Land a 4-figure client

-Make new friends

-Perform in my first mansion

-Have my travel/meals/lodging paid for

-Pay my bills for the following months

Naturally, I understand not everyone reading this will have the same perspective I had and may have passed up on this great opportunity. That’s fine, as long as those same individuals are willing to admit that, at the very least, such clients still serve as a blessing to those willing to accept them.

Blessing 2 (Virtual Shows)

For the more cautious Hypnotists out there, the good news is practically everyone went virtual in 2020.

-Grade Schools

-High Schools



It only made sense to join the bandwagon. Remember in “Blessing 1” when I said, “…especially considering I primarily stayed home…”? Once I realized people were willing to pay me to hypnotize them in groups over the internet, staying home became less of a drag.

It became like a psychological art project I was getting paid to do. I would throw out a date/time, people would begin buying their tickets and I would brainstorm. I had the opportunity to either create new routines, bring old ideas off the back burner and make them happen, or put a twist on a classic.

What’s more, the more often I posted the virtual shows I was doing, the more people began requesting either private 1-on-1 sessions or asking when my next group show would be.

This is the reason Gary Vaynerchuck threw shade at so many wannabe entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, a number of people who choose the path of entrepreneurship want lots of money fast. As someone who’s been in business for themselves for years now, I can tell you that’s highly unlikely to occur when you first start out.

International pandemics like COVID-19 buried a lot of businesses and many people lost their jobs. This was partially due to the fact that some of them had a weak online presence. Therefore, with business already moving digital, it was many those corporations that had a strong digital presence that persevered.

In other words, if you’re unwilling to adapt to societal changes (like taking your business partially, if not fully, digital), your business will likely struggle in the future. Look at hotels, many who refused to adapt to an AirBnB-like business model started losing revenue and complaining. Same goes for Taxis in terms of Uber/Lyft.

Gary Vaynerchuck says he “day trades attention”. I didn’t initially understand this. Then the app TikTok helped it click in my mind.

TikTok was downloaded an unreal amount of times since the start of 2020’s quarantine. Naturally, when I realized how much time people were spending on the app watching 60 second videos, I began posting hypnosis-related content. It wasn’t long before my channel was literally growing because of my TikTok posts.

In other words, shifting your practice to appear in front of the right eyes (where ever is most popular for people’s eyes to be at that time in history), will help you stay relevant and in business.

Blessing 3 (International Reach)

This is a blessing related to virtual shows and private 1-on-1 sessions.

While many people around the world still reach out on my entertainment channel on YouTube and express their desire to meet me and get hypnotized by me, that’s unlikely to happen (at least at this point in time given the state of everything).

However, I’ve recently had the privilege of virtually meeting both brand new followers of my channel, as well as long-time viewers. While these connections where national, I have had the opportunity to connect with international viewers, fans and clients thanks to technology.

Between Skype and Zoom, I’ve managed to meet, hypnotize, help & teach people from all around the United States in addition to Canada, Europe and Australia.

As covered in Hypnokick’s Virtual Hypnosis Training via the Training tab, it’s quick, easy and free to start your hypnosis practice. Once set up via your smartphone or laptop, you can easily connect with/ hypnotize just about anyone in the world!

Once you’re set up, you can get the word out and begin connecting with people interested in:

-Basic Relaxation

-Stress Relief

-Anxiety Control

-Weight Loss

-Smoking Cessation

-Ridding of Phobias

-Pain Management

-Comedy Hypnosis


The only limits are your own imagination and comfort level. Once you know the type of Hypnotist you desire to be, you can set forth to connect with those who want the type of service you’re willing to offer.

At the end of the day, the 21st century has made it a cake walk to start your own hypnosis practice, let alone connect with almost anyone internationally.

I’ve been doing it for years since my early 20’s and have only begun utilizing virtual technology more so in 2020. I’m not special. I’m just someone creative and willing to adapt. If I can do it, so can you 😉

Blessing 4 (Testing Freedom)

Imagine trying a new joke out just for it to miss in front of a large audience. You could also think about how awkward it would be for you to test out a new routine idea just for one volunteer to respond very little to it, if at all.

Sounds a bit like a performance nightmare doesn’t it? If you or someone you know suffers from stage fright, I’m under the impression that this type of negative projection is where at least part of that stems from.

We seldom desire to look or sound stupid in front of other people. Ironically, that’s the same reason many who misunderstand hypnosis will refuse to ever got on stage for a comedy hypnosis show. They’re afraid of you, the Hypnotist, making them do or say something that they’ll regret for any number of reasons at a later date.

This is one of my favorite reasons why 2020 was a great year for Hypnotists. When hosting a virtual show, I don’t believe I’ve had more than 30-40 people on camera at a time. So unlike live stage performances where whatever I’m doing or saying can be seen and heard by 100 or more people, virtual settings have been more relaxed and less stressful in my experience.

This provides us Hypnotists the opportunity to test out new inductions, hypnotic commands, jokes and transitions without the amount of fear we might have doing it in front of a large theater of people. A private virtual room is similar to a small comedy club experience during open mic night. People showed up for some fun and laughs but aren’t expecting an A-list 5-star comedian to blow them out of the water.

If you’re really concerned about it, I’ve found opening the show with clear verbal transparency in explaining that you’ll be testing out material that may or may not work causes audiences to:

  1. Understand and accept where you’re coming from
  2. Appreciate your authenticity and transparency
  3. Naturally develop a focused curiosity for what’s about to happen
  4. Forgive you more easily should something go awry

A great example of this was a recent free virtual show I hosted for all my YouTube viewers as a way to thank them for their subscription to my channel and dedication to the content I upload.

As a bonus “Thank You”, I incorporated an old friend into the middle of the session while everyone was hypnotized and convinced them it was me. It could have gone wrong and they show could’ve plummeted then and there…but it didn’t. The show went on and until the last few minutes, everyone was under the impression it was me hypnotizing them the entire time.

This made for a phenomenal “Thanksgiving Hypnosis” YouTube episode surprise for those who attended. It also sparked enough interest (based on how I marketed the release of the episode) to garner 300+ views per day since it’s release at midnight on Thanksgiving Day.

Needless to say, it was worth it. It was a simple but effective idea. I went for it and it paid off in multiple ways. I’m happy with it, my guest was happy with it and my volunteers were shocked and my viewers were surprised. View this time in history as your opportunity to take chances and risks. You may never know just how awesome the outcome could be otherwise 🙂

To better prove these blessings to you, I put together the following video demonstration of me walking my talk. After all, I’m not going to advise you to do something unless I myself find it effective!

Section 3: Conclusion

Regardless of how deeply the economy may nose dive, the fact remains that there will be people indulging in some form of escapism to calm their nerves.

As Hypnotists, this is our prime time. We can either bring people together to relax and have fun via comedy hypnosis or schedule private sessions with those looking to control stress, anxiety or any number of other personal challenges via hypnotherapy.

Either way, as long as you and those you’re connecting with have WIFI and a device with a mic & camera, your income can be supplemented. As always, if you’re unsure how or where to start, HypnoKick can help 🙂

One Reply to “Why 2020 Was a Blessing for Hypnotists”

  1. I’ve been waiting for a new blog post from you and checking almost every day, Jon, and this is as great a post as usual again 🙂

    And I wanted to thank you for the BF deals (even though I couldn’t seem to take any of them – might be Germany/german Paypal won’t work there or at least I always got an error message on the warrior website and accepting the purchase has never showed up on my Paypal, sadly). So big thanks for the Webinar deal and doing that on the 4th of December. I’ll definitely be there!

    I for my part had a lot of successes, despite of this crazy year (getting rid of my social anxiety entirely, my first attempt on hypnotizing someone (didn’t work out the way I wanted it to, but there are no failures and I learnt a lot from my first try as well – and since he’s a somnambulist (and waking suggestions worked wonderfully on him) – it can only go better next time) and managed to connect with a lot of people virtually.

    So yeah, we can still try and see what we can make of our days despite Covid being around. And it might be more we can do than we actually think also.

    With that said, I’m looking forward to the Webinar, enjoyed the TG video, as really surprised to see Brizy again and hope you and the hypnosis community and everyone else is still having a good time or manage to stay above water.



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