Why All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis

Section 1: Your Subconscious

Your subconscious is your highest unpaid worker. It keeps your heart beating, your body breathing, your eyes blinking and so much more. I’m curious… did you just consciously tuned into your heart beat, breathing and blinking as a result? You’re welcome for the Meta-awareness 😛

Your subconscious keeps these things running in the background, allowing you to consciously focus on your daily tasks (such as working, problem solving, etc). Yet, as if striving for employee of the month, your subconscious pays additional attention to things you’re saying, hearing, seeing, feeling and experiencing in your day-to-day life.

In other words: Your subconscious is always listening.

The following examples prove this point…

  1. Being so engrossed in something that you tune out what someone is saying to/asking of you. Yet, the moment you redirect your attention to them, you somehow immediately register the gist of everything they said/asked.
  2. You pass out with your T.V. on and end up dreaming about either witnessing or being involved in the story line of the thing you were watching as it continues playing in the background.

This is proof that your subconscious is always alert, active and paying attention. It never stops.

This is why hypnosis is so powerful. It’s purpose is to communicate with your subconscious mind and help manifest positive change. With all positive changes starting within the mind, why not try an all-natural, direct and scientific approach to achieving your goals when possible?

Section 2: Hypnosis

Ever heard, “Words have power”?

This is true in 2 forms…


FORM #1: Your environment and those you spend the most time around will heavily dictate your self belief, attitude, perception of the world and income.


The more of a negative environment you’re in, the more negativity your subconscious absorbs. The more it absorbs, the more that becomes how you perceive life.

Your reality stems from your perception of the world around you. Therefore, the more negatively you’re spoken to and treated, the more you believe every negative thing others have told you about yourself.

Real Life Example: I flew to Vegas at 19, learned street (and some stage) hypnosis, flew home and began hypnotizing people for fun. I was told by family members that I wasn’t going to “make it” financially if I tried making hypnosis my career. Even my friends had a chat with me when they saw me struggling financially. There was a point where I became so depressed I barely left my room, ate or did anything productive.

If you place lots of value on others’ negative insights/comments, it’ll tear you down. If, however, you simply take their negativity with a grain of salt while continuing to “do you” to the best of your ability, you’ll achieve your goal(s).

I recently attended a 3 day virtual seminar for entrepreneurs on Zoom. The head couch/founder (Alex Jeffreys) is a self made multimillionaire who moved to the United States years ago and had a business model so successful that it skyrocketed his business into the INC. 5000.

During the 3 day event, he said, “Hurt people hurt people”. When people are hurting (for whatever reason), some of them try tearing those more successful than themselves down to feel/look better. This is one of the biggest signs that they’re hurting and want you to feel their pain (versus celebrating your successes with you).

As a result of accepting the negativity from those projecting their own pains/insecurities, the more likely you’ll sabotage your own personal/professional success. This is negative conditioning (aka negative self hypnosis). On the other hand, the more positivity you’re around, the more likely you’ll push for and achieve your personal/professional goals.

Real Life Example: I met Hypnotist Chris Jones shortly after my initial hypnosis training in Vegas. He eventually introduced me to people that helped expand my knowledge of the entertainment industry. Additionally, through countless hours of personal research to improve my brand and package, I realized a career with hypnosis was possible. The more I surrounded myself with positive like-minded individuals in my industry, the more I improved my brand, show and income.

Up to this point, you’ve learned how likely/unlikely you’ll be to obtain your personal/professional goals based on environmental influences. Let’s flip the script and focus on…


FORM #2: What you say to others can subconsciously affect you as much as it affects them.


While it’s apparent the more positive your environment is the more likely you are to succeed, this next piece will help you help yourself.

In the same way you can’t help anyone that doesn’t want it, I can’t help you (even as a Hypnotist) unless you wish to take the first step towards helping yourself.

Real Life Example: There’s a local Psychiatrist that used to refer all kinds of patients to me. Those looking for help with smoking, weight loss, cravings, stress, anxiety, etc. While I would typically refer smokers and weight loss clients to other Hypnotists (as it wasn’t my specialty), every time I conducted a stress control session for those with stress/anxiety, something interesting happened… I felt better.

The point of this example was to demonstrate that, as covered in Section 1, your subconscious is always listening. The more sessions I did for stress and anxiety control, the more conditioned my subconscious became to helping me control my own stress and anxiety.

Ever heard any of these classic suggestions:

  1. Tell yourself you love yourself every day
  2. Look at yourself in the mirror and say you’re beautiful/handsome
  3. Remind yourself of all the potential you have

These are only some of the various positive self affirmations that books, audios, videos and coaches advise people to perform on a regular basis. The idea is they help you improve your perception, which helps improve your reality and (ultimately) your life.

For some, this simple approach works. They’re naturally positive, ambitious and self-motivated more often than not and need little (if any) extra boost.

For others though, an extra boost is needed. That’s where self hypnosis comes in. As with anything, the more often you practice it, the better you’ll become and the more you’ll help yourself achieve your desired results.

Remember, this is a Professional Hypnotist saying this (for free), who’s helped 100’s of others in a similar manner. It’s impressive how simplistic this process is. It’s literally just the following…

Step 1 (Record): Record yourself reading over a script. Even using the basic script from HypnoKick’s free “4 Steps To Hypnotize Anyone” Ebook would work. Simply turn on your phone (or a semi-pro/professional mic hooked up to your computer with a program like audacity) and start recording. Better yet, adding onto the script for whatever may benefit your situation will only improve your results. What’s more, as you’re recording your own hypnosis audio, your subconscious will actually begin absorbing both what you read as well as what you see.

Step 2 (Listen): After having recorded your own hypnosis audio, simply listen to it in a quiet undisturbed area. You can listen to it off your phone or use a pair of earbuds/headphones. First you read the script, then you verbalized it and now you’re listening to it. Just by practicing this process alone, you’ve accomplished self hypnosis using your visual and auditory senses. The more often you practice it, switch up the script, relax your tone, use a quality mic, the more you’ll benefit!

This is, in fact, all I do. This is what people have come to and paid me for. Now you can cut out the middle man and help yourself 😉

Section 3: Conclusion

At the end of the day, whether reading a script to help someone else or yourself, all hypnosis you perform is self hypnosis.

If you enjoyed this lesson but would like to better understand:
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2) What materials are best to use…

3) How to receive the best results…

HypnoKick’s Self Hypnosis Training covers all of this and more!

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