Why Fearing Hypnosis May Mean You Fear Yourself

Section 1: The Question

If you’re new to the topic of hypnosis and/or this is your first free hypnosis lesson from HypnoKick, I want you to answer one question:

What is hypnosis?

If you’ve been researching hypnosis for a while or have been reading HypnoKick’s free weekly lessons, I want you to pretend you’ve never researched hypnosis before.

After you’ve begun imaging this alternate side of yourself, I want you to ask yourself the same question: What is hypnosis?

Is it a state of heightened suggestibility?

Is it a state of unconscious reactions to commands you’re given?

Am I awake/conscious when I’m in trance?

What is a hypnotic trance?

Is the state of hypnosis even real?

If hypnosis is real, is it actually safe?

Is there some type of covert manipulation taking place?

Will I lose control over my own mind/body/actions?

These are all reasonable questions if you’ve barely researched hypnosis.

Hollywood thrives off providing people an escape by entertaining them. One of the ways they entertain audiences is by dramatizing reality.

They’ve done this by conveying hypnosis as a “sunken place“. The amount of people I met after that movie was released that legitimately freaked out when I introduced myself as a Hypnotist (because they were convinced I would send them to the “sunken place”) was staggering.

Additionally, religious extremists have convinced themselves it’s evil without realizing some of the historical figures they look up to in the Bible entered hypnotic trances to connect to and speak with the very God they claim is against hypnosis.

At the end of the day, I’m thankful to have encountered a number of people who explain why they’re “scared of hypnosis”

Spoiler: They’re not.

The few I’ve discussed the subject with in detail admitted they’re afraid of what I, the Hypnotist, might find within and bring out of them. This stems from a few fears:

  1. Wondering if they know themselves as well as they think
  2. Fearing they’ll do/say something that will ruin a connection
  3. Believing they’ll be made to reveal their darkest secrets
  4. Thinking I’ll use something hidden in their mind against them

My in-field experience has taught me it’s less about the hypnosis itself and more about the intention-based process of the hypnosis people are scared of.

After all, like any field of work, there are bad apples in the field using the tool to take advantage of others. People have a right to be cautions. With that in mind, let’s learn how to keep ourselves safe.

Section 2: The Truth

Secrets, fears, inhibitions, etc… we all have them to one degree or another.

The good news: Hypnosis isn’t mind control.

The better news: Unless you intentionally visit a comedy stage Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist to have them help you dig up all your deeply rooted secrets, issues, fears and insecurities, they won’t.

It’s natural for one to fear what they don’t understand which is why HypnoKick was started 3.5 years ago – to explain the truth about hypnosis.

The truth is unless the comedy Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist you’re paying or visiting with someone has bad intentions, you have nothing to worry about. In general, hypnosis is about relaxation, not extracting anything you prefer to keep private. If you truly want something to remain private, it will

I know there are some out there that enjoy feeling controlled. Whether it’s because they themselves are bosses or are submissive by nature. These individuals will likely find a Hypnotist that works for them with some research.

In case that last paragraph resonates with someone, please read this lesson to ensure your own psychological and emotional safety. When diving down the rabbit hole that is virtual hypnosis, it’s imperative you stay alert, informed and safe!

For everyone else, use the following tips to ensure the Hypnotist you’re going to see is one you can trust:

TIP 1 (Authority): What’s their online authority like? Do they have a website or a YouTube? Those thriving in the hypnosis industry are likely to have up-to-date promo videos and clips showcasing their talent. Are they consistent? I’ve seen various Hypnotist on YouTube or other social media platforms but they rarely post. The more consistent their posts, they more likely they’re actively working, available and at least decent quality.

TIP 2 (Testimonials): Do they have any testimonials? If so, what’s their average testimonial like? Remember, it’s not uncommon for a few people to dislike a certain person or company for any minoot reason. However, as long as most of their testimonials consist of happy (if not raving) clients, the Hypnotist might be worth a try. If there’s a Hypnotist you like but there’s a testimonial that concerns you, don’t hesitate to request more information about it. An understanding Hypnotist will want you properly informed on the situation and won’t get defensive or upset that you asked. Last year I had a client ask me about a bad testimonial. After explaining the situation, they were not only understanding and happy with my willingness to open up about it but comfortable working with me.

TIP 3 (Free Content): This is something that’s grown my own audience from 100’s to 1000’s on YouTube. Does the Hypnotist you’re researching have free content for you to test out? If you’re looking into a comedy Hypnotist, do they have sample sessions you can watch or listen? If you’re looking into a Hypnotherapist, do they have sample audio recordings you can listen to that help with things like stress, anxiety, weight loss or the like? In the past few years, I’ve branched out from publishing snippets from my shows to uploading free mini comedy sessions and free basic hypnotherapy MP3s. Up-to-date, various people of all ages from around the world have enjoyed both forms of free content. Some have even booked me for private sessions because they enjoyed the free content but wanted a personalized session with me.

TIP 4 (Communication): Do they make any effort to touch base with or respond to you/their fans or clients? Sometimes, when I’m hired to host a comedy hypnosis show, I’ll create a unique post for that specific audience to better connect with them before the actual show. I also favorite or reply to certain comments on my social media as a way of letting people know I appreciate their attention or that I’m happy my content helped them in some way. A student from California once commented on one of my YouTube videos as I landed in LAX hours before my show at their university. I replied letting them know I was excited to meet them and provide their student body with a memorable experience. One major side tip to this specific tip – if you have a question, simply ask it! While I don’t mind answering questions or referring someone to another source that can better answer their question, seeing “Can I ask you a question?” is (1) already a question in itself and therefore (2) a little annoying. Don’t be afraid to just ask. I’ve also asked other content creators and Hypnotists about this… they agree.

This week’s video demonstration showcases how two young women are initially freaked out about the idea of being hypnotized before realizing they’re just psyching themselves out.

Section 3: Conclusion

Research the Hypnotist. I know, it sounds like adult work (and that typically sounds icky) but I assure you it will help you in the long run.

If you’re new to hypnosis, HypnoKick or the idea of researching Hypnotists, I hope this helped you on your endeavors. Are you scared of hypnosis? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments below to win an awesome gift next week!

If you’re new and looking to learn basic hypnosis for free (or professional hypnosis for a reasonable price), Click Here 🙂

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  1. I’m definitely not afraid of Hypnosis feeling relaxing but always getting a chance intact with my creative that I love using everyday. At one point I was very afraid of getting hypnotized …. because of a time I was working with a Hypnotist I trusted did some very bad things and try to cover up what he did by using amnesia hoping I wouldn’t remember what he did but I found out and the trust was broken . Later now maybe about a year later I decide to give hypnosis another try and I am glad because it is truly a lot of fun plus a wonderful way to relief stress and feel so relaxed. 🙂

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