Why Hypnosis is Misunderstood

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson reveals whether hypnosis is dangerous or blown out of proportion.


Considering hypnosis in/of itself is a state of relaxation (reference), it’s something we all experience on a daily basis. The best example of experiencing hypnosis regularly is sleep (reference).

Still, there are circumstances in which people are lead to believe hypnosis is evil, demonic or the like. This is, more often than not, due to misinformation. Here are examples where hypnosis is often misconstrued…

RELIGION: Some religions literally state you’re not allowed to do certain things. I once confronted a gentleman who said playing cards were against his religion (and walked out of the ice cream shop when I tried performing sleight-of-hand).

While I never personally researched such religions (so I’m unsure if that was true or if he simply wanted a conversational “out”) there are others who say their religion condemns hypnosis.

I’ve met a slew of catholic church goers, let alone nuns, who tried convincing me magic was the gift of entertainment from God, while hypnosis was the work of evil.

I was pleasantly surprised when one of my old teachers, Sister Marie, agreed to an interview that, in summary, stated that hypnosis in/of itself was seen by the Catholic community as a helpful tool (reference).

HOLLYWOOD: The movie industry has recently produced a plethora of movies featuring hypnosis. While they contain aspects of truth, only one of them accurately depict hypnosis the best.

GET OUT was one of the few movies that, while entertaining, I knew would scare the masses from wanting to attend a hypnosis show/session. One of the most outrageous scene-based ideas that his film portrays is the “sunken place”. A black abyss where hypnotized individuals slip into & lose their ability to control themselves.

While hypnosis can naturally induce a trance-like state that’s so mentally/physically relaxing you don’t want to move, if you really wanted to and put your mind to it, you could break trance. Many hypnotists, including myself, have had volunteers break trance mid-show and simply walk off stage. This happens because, well, hypnotists aren’t mental guides, not experts at gaining complete control over another’s mind (reference).

Now You See Me is the only movie I have seen that most accurately describes hypnosis through visual demonstrations. Yes, someone can be hypnotized at a moment’s notice like the lady in the opening scene was (if they wanted). Yes, someone can easily forget their name as she did moments later via a hypnotic technique known as “induced amnesia” (reference).

Granted, these are forms of comedy hypnosis much like the stage hypnosis high school and university students are used to seeing at Prom, Graduation, Welcome Week, etc. Scary you say? Not really, considering during such shows the hypnotist is guiding people through the creative parts of their own minds that results in their reactions (reference).

Now You See Me 2 was more theatrical than realistic. While certain hypnotic techniques utilized in the movie could be effective, their long-term effects aren’t as realistic. Then again, as happens with many sequels, the scenes were created to be more visually stimulating than those of the first film.

INTENTIONS: This is ultimately the one detail it comes down to, the intentions of the hypnotist. While I’ve not personally used hypnosis to get a girlfriend or gain a cult following, there are others who have used hypnosis (or hypnotic tactics) for such purposes.

There was, for example, a report of a lawyer who built such great rapport with his female client, she opened up to him in trust. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the best intentions & took advantage of her via hypnosis (reference).

There are also videos of people seemingly hypnotizing cashiers and the like to steal cash money from certain establishments.

Programs like MKUltra reportedly utilized hypnosis, among other tactics, in attempts to achieve mind control. I conducted my own mini MKUltra-type hypnosis experiment back in 2018 to see if I could tweak people’s identity/reality. I debriefed them post session and received permission to use their footage (reference).

I believe it’s even insinuated Scientology has incorporated hypnotic tactics to string its members along a mentally and emotionally (if not physically) debilitating journey to the “top” (based on science fiction novels).

So, for ALL the reasons above (and many unmentioned), it’s easy to see why hypnosis is so easily misunderstood. As it grows in popularity around the world, each hypnotist the public encounters serves as a representation as to what people can expect from hypnosis. Therefore, one unethical/immoral performer can ruin it for many world-wide (since many take their first experience at face value).

POSITIVE: There have been countless cases in which hypnosis has helped people improve their lives.

Click on the following celebrity names to learn how each benefited from hypnosis: Albert EinsteinRapper Kid Cudi, Jessica Alba, Ellen Degeneres, Tiger Woods & a plethora of others (if you simply Google it).

With the help of self hypnosis (combined with in-field experience), I began to understand I was worth more than what I had been charging clients. Today I charge clients a minimum of over two times the amount I did at 19 years old.

I also charge students a small premium (compared to other professionals) for personalized consultations/mentorships. This is because I’ve earned 10’s of 1000’s with the knowledge I’ve obtained through paying mentors myself & real-world experience (in addition to seeing the contracts my own students have generated).

Long-story-short, while hypnosis could be used for less-than-positive reasons, it can just as easily be used to overcome habits, increase skills, give a painless birth, make more money and much more. As the saying often goes, you’re only limited by your imagination. This is, of course, heavily influenced by the negative or positive individuals you surround yourself with (so make sure they’re uplifting)!

This week’s video demonstration shows 2 instances that make some weary of all hypnosis…


Considering the pure nature of hypnosis itself, the only evil aspect of it is the intentions behind those using it. So use it for good because HypnoKick doesn’t condone acts of evil. After all, if you go all Dr. Evil with hypnosis, I’m not backing your ass up in court!

There’s no harm, however, in safely testing hypnosis on yourself or those interested in being hypnotized. You can accomplish both with the information in our Free Hypnosis Ebook.

On a serious note, how would YOU use hypnosis as a positive force in the world? Would you entertain people or work at improving peoples lives? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below to win a free hypnosis gift 🙂


If you’re an action-taker, you can start hypnotizing anyone/anytime with Street Hypnosis or become a professionally paid comedy hypnotist with Stage Hypnosis!

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  1. I am currently working on becoming a therapist and I am planning on eventually incorporating hypnotherapy (after I become licenced of course) as I understand that it can be extremely helpful for certain conditions and I would most certainly like to see how effective it can be.

    1. Absolutely, it can have a tremendous impact on people’s lives. Continue on your path as many could benefit from your knowledge/skills!

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