Why Internet Hypnosis “Doesn’t Work”

Section 1: Internet Hypnosis

Have you ever watched a hypnosis video on any social media platform and it failed to effect you?

Maybe the video’s objective was to relax you and you felt the same. Maybe it was supposed to help you in some therapeutic way but you didn’t feel the difference.

While some say certain videos have helped them achieve a desired experience, others state they’ve received no such experience themselves.

I recently began posting new hypnosis videos to my entertainment channel. Every week I post a new video that aims to relax the listener before having them experience a phenomena such as spontaneous laughter.

While some comment below the videos expressing their thanks for the relaxing and fun experience my video could provide them, I recently go a comment stating the video didn’t work for one listener.

Much like comedy stage hypnosis, this type of reaction is, statistically speaking, normal. At the end of the day, it won’t work on everyone because it’s not tailored for everyone.

Section 2: Tailored Hypnosis

Unlike internet videos, a personalized hypnosis session is more likely to provide you better results.

Since internet videos are created for a general audience, it’s statistically impossible to ensure they will provide every listener with the same desired experience.

Considering we’re all born with different personalities, perceptions and creative minds, it only makes sense a professionally tailored hypnosis session would be more effective than an internet video.

Example #1: Years ago one of my students was hired to host a comedy stage hypnosis show in which I was also hired to end the evening with magic & mentalism. After we each performed our shows, an older lady walked up to me saying she wasn’t able to get hypnotized. She stated she had already visited multiple Hypnotists before that evening and, including that evening, she never felt any different. I spent a few moments explaining what hypnosis actually was before taking her over to the stage area and inducing her. I only spent about five minutes with her before she opened her eyes and the look in her face was noticeably different. She explained how she felt and I informed her that she was just hypnotized. She didn’t hesitate to hug me with gratitude and walk away surprised that she had finally been hypnotized. Mind you, she was a bit inebriated. People often ask if that makes the hypnosis easier or harder and it simply comes down to the person. Thankfully, I could tell she was buzzed (not wasted) and she was literally coming to me for help meaning she’s was open-minded and willing (not stand-offish and challenging). It was simply a matter of watching her breathing pattern and body language to see my approach was providing her the results she desired. Personalizing and adjusting a single person’s session is easier than accommodating a stage full of different personalities simultaneously (let alone 100’s/1000’s of listeners through a pre-recorded internet video).

Example #2: More recently, I hypnotized someone with ADHD. Those living with the challenges of ADD/ ADHD/ OCD/ PTSD/ Etc require different attention. Some may find it hard to focus, others may have difficulty trusting you and your process, so on and so forth. Again, however, working with someone one on one makes your job easier as the Hypnotist. When I hypnotized the individual with ADHD, they came out of trance looking like they just woke from an actual nap. The volume of their voice was lower, their tone was calmer, their talking speed was slower. After I ended our session, I left them with an MP3 to listen to. Within about 1-2 weeks, I was informed they calmer all-around. I’m planning a follow-up session to help further engrain their desired results into the subconscious. I would, of course, advise anyone looking for professional help to expect having to schedule multiple sessions. Hypnosis in the form of therapy (aka Hypnotherapy) is like the gym for your mind. You won’t walk into the gym, lift a weight 20 times and walk out Arnold schwarzenegger. Likewise, it’s unrealistic to expect one hypnosis session to magically fix a psychological challenge that you’ve been living with for however many years.

While that last example is related to Hypnotherapy, the same goes for comedy hypnosis. Interestingly, even if you don’t feel the full effects of the hypnosis, you’ve already begun conditioning your mind.

You have two options from here…

Option 1 (Free): Scour the Internet until you find a Hypnotist you’re comfortable with. Listen to them, lower your defenses and allow them to guide you through your mind. The more often you practice this, the more conditioned your mind will become to readily accept their guidance/commands.

Option 2 (Paid): Research and find a Hypnotist you like and think you’d work well with and reach out to them. Ask them how much they charge and what type of sessions they offer. If they happen to offer the type of hypnosis experience you desire, invest in yourself and give their service a try. As stated earlier in this lesson, searching for a professional Hypnotist for a tailored 1-on-1 experience is likely to provide you with better results than a free internet video made for the general public.

Section 3: Conclusion

If you’re reading this from the perspective of someone wanting to know why internet hypnosis videos aren’t affecting you the way you hoped they would, I hope this free hypnosis lesson cleared things up.

If you’re an aspiring or growing Hypnotist reading this, the good news is HypnoKick’s Members Area (linked in the Training tab) teaches you how to read people’s reactions and adjust their session accordingly to ensure they receive a positive experience!

Regardless of your experience with hypnosis or if you wish to use it for fun or to help others, HypnoKick will kick-start you in the proper direct as soon as you click here 🙂

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