Why You Shouldn’t Hypnotize People

This week’s free hypnosis training lesson explains why average people shouldn’t hypnotize others.




This is, by far, the most important aspect of properly hypnotizing people.

While I managed to hypnotize a few people before my Vegas training in 2011, my knowledge, wording, phrasing & overall execution was significantly better after 1-on-1 training.

That’s when I realized professional training from someone who works in the field (like myself or my mentor Anthony Jacquin) will naturally skyrocket your performance success in hours, let alone days.

That said, not everyone has the budget for a quality mentor. That’s why I created HypnoKick. I wanted those who had the natural spark to take action, to have access to my experience & success-based knowledge via cheap home-study programs.

These are simple, to-the-point & make it easier than ever for the aspiring hypnotist to quickly/efficiently begin hypnotizing people within the same week (with practice of course).

I’ve personally revamped our free informational hypnosis ebook for new students to learn the:

-History of hypnosis

-Purposes of hypnosis

–Basic 4 step process

-The purpose behind each step

-And more

In my mind, this helps kill two birds with one stone by:

  1. Explaining to the average person what hypnosis actually is versus what much of the mainstream media is influencing people to believe it is/how it works
  2. Providing the downloader of the ebook the opportunity to decide if they wish to move forth with learning how to actually hypnotize any, be it anywhere or for an actual staged entertainment show

Whether jumping into basic training or investing money into a trusted mentor, you gain yourself life-long knowledge you can execute anytime applicable. You can even, easily, make money with this learned tool.

Either way, I always advise people (especially the youth) to invest in some type of proper training before attempting to hypnotize others.




Because hypnosis deals with the human psychology, here are just a few of the abreactions someone can experience if hypnotized by someone without training:

  1. Multiple Personality Disorder: This is actually one of the first things covered in our free informational hypnosis ebook download. You learn a few safety precautions to ask to ensure your volunteers’ mental & physical safety. If you skip this step, you have the potential to take someone with a psychological challenge (such as multiple personalities) & bring their worst scenario to life: letting all personalities loose simultaneously. While this may sound like a far-fetched risk, I was approached by an older gentleman who encountered this. He admitted to having very little training and simply testing out his basic knowledge on someone. Upon doing so, he realized she had multiple personality disorder & all of her personalities surfaced at the same time. It normally takes me about 70-90 minutes to do a hypnosis show now, it took this gentleman approximately an hour to learn about each personality and put them back into their individual spots. This could have easily been avoided if he understood the psychological intricacies tied to hypnotizing people. For that reason alone, I’d suggest you (if you’re interested in hypnotizing people) download our free ebook at the very least!
  2. Crying Fits: Years ago a close friend approached me about the relationship they had recently gotten out of. They said they felt this heavy mysterious feeling and wanted to know if I could help shed some light on it. After hypnotizing them over Skype and taking them back into the recesses of their mind, their face began to change. Very soon they looked upset, started crying while explaining what they were re-experiencing and moments later were bawling while partially rolling their body side to side while laid down. They had just re-experienced they fear this other person had instilled in them that neither I, nor anyone that I knew at that time, were aware of. Within 24 hours of our session, they texted me. With a sense of confusion due to not remembering the entire session, they thanked me deeply for making them feel better than they had in months. While I knew what I was doing & there was deep trust within our connection, the average person may not have been able to handle the session so eloquently, let alone gotten their person to a better state of mind/emotion.
  3. Seizures: While the scenario described above was the closest I’ve come to this specific abreaction, I’ve thankfully never experienced this one directly. I have, however, heard from others who have seen this play out and it’s not pretty. I believe the last time I heard about this result occurring was from my friend/colleague Brizy (as he was called on social media for years). He told me he once found a video online in which a young boy let his friend hypnotize him for fun. Upon doing so, his friend started seizing. He quickly directed his friend back, before asking the internet to explain why the demonstration went south. Brizy promptly explained the negative effects it had on the boy’s friend. Needless to say, this was enough to scare them from recreating the demonstration for a better outcome.



This week’s video demonstration shows how I helped a student through an abreaction…






Hypnosis is awesome because it deals with human psychology which, by nature, is awesome and powerful. For this reason, it’s important to receive proper information & step-by-step training regarding how to safely hypnotize others so they can experience the awesomeness of their mind.

If, by chance, someone passes all safety precautions you take with our free informational hypnosis ebook and still has an abreaction, be calm. The absolute best tactic is to remain calm in your voice (since they’re always listening) as well as your actions. Remind them that they are safe, secure and nothing will harm them. Gradually guide them back into the space your in with your words while consistently reminding them of their security. Even if demonstrations go awry, your volunteers will remember that you kept calm, level headed & professional.

What exactly is an “abreaction”/how would you help a volunteer overcome one? Answer in the comments below and, if you’re right, I’ll shout you out in next week’s informational video and send you a special hypnotic gift (only valid until 12/20/18) 🙂

If you have any remaining questions regarding this week’s lesson, simply leave a comment below and I’ll answer to the best of my ability. If, however, you’re prepared to learn how to hypnotize anyone, anywhere at anytime with Street Hypnosis or how to construct a full professional Stage Hypnosis act:  CLICK HERE!

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