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Hypnosis: Evil or Safe?

Growing up as a Magician in a religious community, it was interesting to hear/see religious authorities love my magic but distanced themselves once I learned hypnosis. I remember one Nun telling me, “Only God should have the power to control others”. She wasn’t fond of my “Doesn’t God give us free will so we can […]

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Proof You’ve Been Hypnotized

An interestingly false narrative many believe is that, “I have never been hypnotized because I have never worked with a Professional Hypnotist [or didn’t have a positive experience with one].” The reason it’s false lies within their perception of how one experiences hypnosis (aka 3rd party help such as meeting with a Hypnotist), when the […]

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What IS Hypnosis? (Hypnosis vs Phenomena)

With Hollywood making hypnosis look scary & Stage Hypnotists making the “clucking chicken” routine the most referenced cliche, the average person associates hypnosis with either scary mind control or nonsensical silliness. The good news is if you’re reading this, you now know the truth which is that any reaction someone gives to a Hypnotist’s command […]

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