4 Steps To Hypnotize Anyone

Realistically, hypnosis is a quick, easy, natural and effective process we’ve been helping people around the world experience and learn both in-person and virtually.

Please Note: If you hypnotize someone without the proper safety protocol, you could trigger them and cause any number of adverse reactions including (but not limited to): panic attacks, anxiety attacks, vomiting, shaking, seizures, etc.

This is why you should always make sure to follow the safety precautions in HypnoKick’s Free Ebook to ensure your volunteer’s mental and physical safety before demonstrating hypnosis.

Assuming they pass the safety precautions, you’re now ready to learn How To Hypnotize Anyone in 4 steps in-person or virtually.

If you’d like to learn more, HypnoKick’s Free Ebook contains 10+ pages of hypnosis history, scripts, a sample demonstration & offers affordable home-based hypnosis training.