Hypnosis: Evil or Safe?

Growing up as a Magician in a religious community, it was interesting to hear/see religious authorities love my magic but distanced themselves once I learned hypnosis.

I remember one Nun telling me, “Only God should have the power to control others”. She wasn’t fond of my “Doesn’t God give us free will so we can control our own lives?”. When she lead me to another Nun, who said something along the lines of, “Hypnosis is the devils work”, she didn’t know how to respond when I informed her, “It’s proven science and psychology, not devil worship or demon possession”. In retrospect, it’s funny that they led me to their eldest Nun who simple told me, “You should leave”.

Even more hilarious is when an old teacher of mine, Sister Marie, heard about my run in with those Nuns and told me to tell those Nuns, “The hot Nun said it was OK!” I burst out laughing. I was taken back because I never heard a Nun with such humor… but I adored her willingness to help me.

What I appreciated most about this interaction, was that because she had been my teacher and knew me as a person, she knew I wanted to continue learning & mastering hypnosis for the same reason I learned magic: To entertain others.

So, if you ever meet someone who is unsure whether or not hypnosis is “evil” or “safe” (or isn’t sure what to think but is convinced it’s “demon summoning”), the answer is: It’s a tool (it’s neither good nor bad).

In fact, I interviewed Sister Marie so we could provide you detailed insight into why you/ those you encounter shouldn’t fear hypnosis & biblical examples of trance (aka hypnosis). Tap/click the picture below for the full interview-based lesson…