Proof You’ve Been Hypnotized

An interestingly false narrative many believe is that, “I have never been hypnotized because I have never worked with a Professional Hypnotist [or didn’t have a positive experience with one].”

The reason it’s false lies within their perception of how one experiences hypnosis (aka 3rd party help such as meeting with a Hypnotist), when the reality is that a “Hypnotist” is merely a mental guide, not the experience itself.

When we understand that hypnosis, watered down, is merely focused relaxation (not acting goofy on a stage), then what Hypnotists already know becomes more obvious to the average person: We all naturally experience hypnosis to some degree.

Going to sleep, for example, is the closest thing to a stage hypnosis or hypnotherapy experience without the need for an actual Hypnotist. Reason being, the process of going to sleep is the same exact process the Hypnotist would have you follow. In summary, (1) close your eyes (2) focus on your breathing (3) mentally drift while (4) physically relaxing in your space.

Thanks to an official study by Stanford Medicine, we’ve begun to not just prove the existence of hypnosis but its efficacy as a therapeutic tool as well as its relation to psychological disassociation. For a full breakdown of this study & additional proof you’ve been hypnotized, tap/click the picture below…